Fake ID Guide

June 20, 2016

Let's face it, being under age sucks.

You can't go to concerts, you can't go to bars or night clubs, you can't buy alcohol, you can't get a tattoo, the list goes on and on.

You've probably spent your teenage years somewhat frustrated because you want to have fun, you want to enjoy yourself, but you simply CAN'T.

It's like others who are older than you can live a life of no restrictions, yet you are forced to splash around in the kids pool for years and years.

I know that's what it was like for me.

Imagine if things were different though. Imagine if all of a sudden you were able to spend your Friday nights drinking at a bar with friends or dancing at a nightclub and you didn't have to wait years and years until you were of age.

That would be pretty sweet. Why wait until you're 21 to start having fun and enjoying the nightlife when you can start right NOW.


What I'm about to share with you is something that will change your life completely. I am going to teach you how to make a fake ID in such a simple way.

Before you jump to conclusions let me just make something clear.

The method that I'm going to teach you on how to make a fake ID is very easy to do, anyone can learn how. It won't cost you a ton of money either, in fact you won't even have to spend over ten dollars to make one of these fake IDs.

So you're probably thinking, do these IDs even work since it is so easy to make one. And the answer is yes, they do work and they work just fine.

The fake IDs that I'm going to teach you how to make ALL get past bouncers.

I have made tons of fake IDs for my friends and I and we get away with using them all the time.

Why? Because these fake IDs look so legitimate that bouncers or cashiers simply glance at it once and know right away that it is real.

So what exactly is my method on how to make a fake ID?

I've explained exactly what needs to be done to get your fake ID in a short video that you can watch by clicking HERE.

I tell you exactly what you need and tell you the easiest ways to get the materials that you will need.

There is nothing complicated about my process and tons of people have told me that they have found it very easy and straight forward.

By following my method you will literally unlock years of enjoyment for yourself and not have to wait until you're 21 to start living life.

I'm basically giving you all the freedom you could want if you are under aged and I'm not going to ask for a single cent from you.

I didn't want to put my method out for the whole world to see so I have locked my video with a survey.

If you are really serious about making a fake ID and basically unlocking access to bars, nightclubs, alcohol and anything you can think of then you will have no problems doing a short survey.

This is probably one of the easiest ways to make a legitimate fake ID and I'm revealing it all right here.

At the end of the day I can give you all the tools you need to take your freedom and start living life, but it all comes down to whether you choose to use those tools and take action.

Good luck.